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Here's a sample of some custom technology solutions we've created over the years.

Most likely you have a project that could benefit from licensing one of these technologies.

Contact us if you are interested in licensing one of these technology solutions for use in one of your projects.

Product Customization

Product Customization

  • Create customizable products
  • Build your own product the way you want it
  • Preview your product before you buy it
  • Increase sales - Be ahead of your competitors
  • Runs on desktop and mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, android and others
  • Integrates into your existing storefront or CMS
  • Example Usage: Garb Athletics Uniform Builder

Instruct Suite

Online Training Platform and Course Creation Tools

  • Create training for mobile or desktop devices
  • Build your own courses using PowerPoint
  • Create Courses with video, presentations, anmimations, quizzes and more
  • Integrate courses into your existing LMS or Learning Platform
  • Visit Site:

PowerPoint to HTML Converter

PowerPoint to HTML Converter

  • Quickly create an HTML course from your favorite PowerPoint, all online.
  • Course runs on desktop browsers, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.
  • Simple to use. Upload a PowerPoint file.
    View, download and share the converted result.

JavaScript Animation Framework

JavaScript Animation Framework

  • Create powerful timeline based asynchronous animations and special effects
  • Render shapes and images easily inside the HTML5 canvas.
  • Used by PowerPoint to HTML Converter


Let us help you with your next project!

We take pride in creating the best solutions to meet your development needs.

Need a complete one stop solution. We do that!

We are experienced in all areas of product development including architecture, mockups, front-end UI, web services and database deisgn.

Need help getting started. We do that!

We can offer assistence in planning and creating project budgets for large or small scale development projects. Even if you end up using alternate developer resources to actually build the project, it always helps to have a qualifed plan ready for execution.

Need to build a product prototype. We do that!

We design, architect and build the first versions of a products all the time.

Need to hire a team. We do that!

Are you looking to build out a development team for an upcoming project. We aid in screening and hiring qualified developer candidates as needed to maintain your IT and development needs.

Need advice about an upcoming project. We do that!

If you have any questions about an upcoming project or the best way to get it done. Let us know.

We can give you some free advice along with a free estimate. No hassle!


Some Sample projects that we've built or been involved with over the years

Instruct Suite

Instruct Suite Online Training Platform

Garb Athletics Uniform Builder

Garb Athletics Uniform Builder

PowerPoint to HTML Converter

PowerPoint to HTML Converter

Roosevelt Movies Website

Roosevelt Theatres Website

Family Village

Family Village Facebook Game

Legato Media

Legato Media - Digital Sheet Music Display and Purchase

eLearning Brothers Interaction Builder

eLearning Brothers Interaction Builder

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Let us know if you have any questions about an upcoming project or the best way to get it done.

We can give you some free advice along with a free estimate. No hassle!